Decoración de bodas, ramos de novias 01 | La florería


Decoración de bodas, ceremonias 01 | La florería


Decoración de bodas, centro de mesas para novias 01 | La Floreria


Our passion…Weddings!

We like to start out by getting to know you as a couple, in person, taking in your information, sharing opinions, finding out how you have dreamt your wedding…and so be able to guide you, in the best possible way, to different proposals, both special and personalised. Our objective is to reflect your dream wedding.

In our workshop, we offer you myriad decorative possibilities to create the ideal setting for your wedding, such as different types of baskets and boxes, glass and ceramic vases of all kinds and colours, natural, sophisticated, elegant elements…all of them perfect complements to heighten the beauty of our flowers.